Take advantage of VELTEKO’s innovative vertical
packaging machine solutions for packaging
your products in doy-style standup pouches.


Why use standup pouches?

Global brands are already using VELTEKO
technology for packaging their premium products.

Practical features for consumers

Main benefits of standup pouches
for consumers

A bonus of the new doy-style standup pouch
technology is not only the refined look
of the bags, but also their practical qualities.
Application of a zip as a secondary closing system
allows for easy re-closing of the bag after opening.

Main benefits of standup pouches for consumers
Benefits of standup pouches for marketing

Be remarkable! ...

Be remarkable! ...

70% of consumer purchase decisions are made in the store

35% of consumers make purchase decisions based on packaging

* Source: Packaging World

Great looks and a wide variety of modifications

Great looks

VELTEKO‘s exclusive zipper sealing and crushing technology provides the most
attractive, blemish-free zipper seams and crushed zipper ends on the world market today!

This new technology from VELTEKO quickly, effectively and beautifully crushes
the fastener at the point where it intersects with the cross seam without lightening the jaws.

Great looks
Speeds of up to 90 bags/min!

Speeds of up to 90 bags/min!

The advantage of VELTEKO vertical packaging machines
is the effectiveness of your product packaging, even at speeds
of up to 90 doy-style standup pouches per minute.

Speeds of up to 90 bags/min!

TOP variations of standup pouches
continuously created on VELTEKO
vertical packaging machines

Doy-style standup pouch with euroslot
Doy-style standup pouch with zipper
Doy-style standup pouch with take-away hole
Doy-style standup pouch with zipper and euroslot
Doy-style standup pouch with reclosing flap
Doy-style standup pouch with zipper and
take-away hole
New technology for even thinner
zipper ends!
Sophisticated design solutions
based on ultrasonic and mechanical
preparation of zippers before their application.
This now allows (even in continuous mode) for the preservation of
Hight quality seams, including
the crossing point of the zipper and side seams

Discover the VERSATILITY
of VELTEKO vertical packaging machines

The versatility of VELTEKO vertical packaging machines
allows you to customize your machine to meet the current
needs of the market and your individual technical requirements.
Its versatility not only allows you to package your products
into doy-style standup pouches, but also in many other types of bags.



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