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Why should I choose VELTEKO vertical packaging machines for doypack bags?

Global brands are already using VELTEKO vertical packaging
machines for packaging their premium products.

why Velteko packages
5 – 45 min. changeovers to standup pouches

5 – 45 min. changeovers to standup pouches

Do you need to switch between different bag types and sizes? It's extremely easy and can be carried out within 5 - 45 minutes!

main benefit - speed of changeover bags
Perfectly created
standup pouches

Perfectly created doystyle
standup pouches

VELTEKO vertical packaging machines can serve as a dedicated doypack machines. They create extremely good looking doypack bags, as well as precise and well finished zipper ends made by VELTEKO’s zip fastener attachment.

Great look of standup pouch
Speeds of up to 100 bags/min!

Up to 100 doy-style
standup pouches per minute

Vertical packaging machines from VELTEKO are among
the most powerful packaging machines on the international market. With a sophisticated and time proven design, you can achieve up to 100 doypack bags per minute.

Fast speed of Velteko packaging machines
More than 16 variations of standup pouches

More than 16 variations of standup pouches

Take advantage of the versatility VELTEKO vertical packaging machines provide to create more than 16 variations of doypack. Even the newest doypack bags. From standup pouches with euro slots, to bags with different shapes of carrying holes or with flaps that close the top of the bag.

The best variations of doystyle standup pouches
2 x larger printing area on doypack bags

2 x larger printing area on the front of standup pouches
for your marketing communications

Stand out and be recognized! Highlight your marketing messages with the large printing area on the front of your bags! Doystyle pouches are constantly growing in demand.

large printing area on the front of bags for marketing

TOP variations of standup pouches

continuously created on VELTEKO vertical packaging machines

Doy-style standup pouch with zipper
Sophisticated design solutions
based on ultrasonic and mechanical
preparation of zippers before their application.
This now allows (even in continuous mode) for the preservation of
Hight quality seals, including
the crossing point of the zipper and side seals

Discover the VERSATILITY
of VELTEKO vertical packaging machines

The versatility of VELTEKO vertical packaging machines
allows you to customize your machine to meet the current
needs of the market and your individual technical requirements.
Its versatility not only allows you to package your products
into doy-style standup pouches, but also in many other types of bags.

Velteko vertical packaging machine



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Streamline ultrasonic technology

Advanced large pieced & fragile product packaging on low height machines

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