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Why choose Velteko packaging machines for doypack bags?

Global brands are already using VELTEKO vertical packing machines for packaging their premium pieced products and powdered products into doy pack bags and zipper doy pack bags, such as coffee, tea, biscuits, nuts, cereals, chips and many others.

why Velteko packages
5 – 45 min changeovers to doypack pouch

5 – 45 minutes changeovers to doypack pouch

VELTEKO stand up pouch packaging machines switch between different bag types and sizes unbelievably easy and fast – between only
5 – 45 minutes!
Faster changeovers mean an increase in productivity through the more efficient use of time when packaging into doypack, doypack with zipper and other doy bags.

5 – 45 minute changeovers between different bag types and sizes

Increased productivity

More efficient use of time

main benefit - speed of changeover bags
Attractive bags with extended practicality

Attractive stand up bags with extended practicality

VELTEKO doypack machines create extremely good looking standing pouches and standing pouches with zipper that attract more attention on stores shelves by really making your products stand out, as well as providing the ultimate in customer convenience. The many advantages of doy pouch bags for consumers include the standup and bag opening/closing features. For food packaging manufacturers, doypack bags feature a large front face on the bag for printing marketing messages and graphics, as well as the standup feature that shows this front face of the bag to passing consumers for maximum exposure of your products in a crowded marketplace.

Creation of attractive doy pouch bags

Practical product packaging (easy to open, easy to close, easy to store)

Precise and well finished seals and zipper ends with VELTEKO’s high tech zip fastener attachment

Flat stand up pouch design allows more bags to be placed on store shelves

Large face on stand up bags for displaying your logo, marketing graphics and selling messages

Great look of standup pouch
More than 16 variants of doypack bags

More than 16 variants of doypack bags

The versatility built into VELTEKO VFFS machines allows them to form, fill and seal more than 16 variations of stand up pouches and other doy pouch bags! This even includes the newest stand up zipper bags! It's difficult to see exactly where your business will be 5 or 10 years from now, so the versatility of VELTEKO machines could be seen as an insurance policy for the future development of your packaging needs.

More than 16 variations of doypak bags

Doypack pouch modifications include:

  • Reclosing flap
  • Carrying handle
  • Euroslot
  • Zipper
  • Valve
  • Label
  • Advertising tape
  • Memory strip
The best variations of doystyle standup pouches
Speeds up to 100 pouches per minute

Speeds up to 100 pouches per minute

The advanced technology found in every VELTEKO pouch packing machine allows them to reach the highest speeds found in the industry – up to 100 bags per minute! Increased speeds mean more efficient operation and ability to better satisfy increased market demand!

Up to 100 bags per minute

Increased doypack output to satisfy increasing market demand

Optimization of operational time constraints

Sophisticated and time proven design

Fast speed of Velteko packaging machines
2 x larger printing area on doypack bags

2 x larger printing area on the front of standup pouches
for your marketing communications

Stand out and be recognized! Highlight your marketing messages with the large printing area on the front of your bags! Doystyle pouches are constantly growing in demand.

large printing area on the front of bags for marketing

Food packaging and even more

VELTEKO's doypack vertical packaging machines are your perfect choice for packing the following products into stand up bags and other doy style bags:

TOP variations of Doypack

continuously created on VELTEKO vertical pouch packing machines

Variations of doypack standup pouches
Stand up pouch with euroslot
Stand up pouch with zipper
Stand up pouch with carrying handle
Stand up pouch with zipper and euroslot
Stand up pouch with reclosing flap
Stand up pouch with zipper and carrying handle

Stand up pouch with zipper

Sophisticated design solutions based on ultrasonic and mechanical preparation of zippers before their application.
This now allows (even in continuous mode) for the preservation of

Hight quality seals, including the crossing point of the zipper and side seals.

The benefits of VELTEKO vertical packaging machines

„FUTURE-PROOF“ packaging solution

One machine for your current and future needs! The versatility of VELTEKO pouch making machines for the forming, filling and sealing of stand up bags allows you to customize your machine to meet the current needs of the market and your individual technical requirements!


for more than
16 doy pack variations


meets your current and future

Velteko vertical packaging machine

VELTEKO - Your reliable, long life packing machine partner






Use of HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS from well-known manufacturers




VELTEKO have ensured their doypack packing machines provide you with the most value in two of the most important areas

In addition, feedback is actively gathered and analyzed from their wide customer base to increase the operational efficiency of their VFFS machines for doypack and doy style bags.


The number of PROBLEM-FREE VELTEKO packaging machines around the world is continuing to RISE year-on-year.

On-location SERVICE CALLS are drastically DECREASING.



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